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County Grand Lodge of Central Scotland
Ballymena Benefit Guiding Star LOL 707
Bishop Burnett Memorial District Lodge No.48
California LOL 1690
Centennial LOL 3272
City of Chester LOL 375
City of Londonderry Grand Lodge
Comber District LOL 15
Coote Memorial Temperance LOL 1921
The Cross of St. Patrick LOL 688
Cymru LOL1922
Derrycorry Purple Guards Temperance LOL 52
Derrykeevan Temperance LOL 352
Dublin and Wicklow District LOL
Hackett LOL 805, Canada
Hope of Ulster Junior LOL 130
King William III LOL 11
Kirkdale's Glory LOL 113
Luther LOL 492
Markethill District LOL No.10
Moree LOL195
Oxford LOL213
Portadown District LOL No.1 Civil Rights Website
Sons of Ulster LOL 899, USA
Star of Halewood LOL 66
United LOL 228 New York City, U.S.A.

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